Public sector procurement training course in business and procurement

public sector procurement


This is a one-day course providing practical information on how to ensure compliance with the Public Sector Procurement Rules.

Course overview and learning objectives

If you work in the Public Sector OR do business with Public Sector this course will be invaluable.

You will learn the key areas and check points covered by the rules the different procurement options, how to plan a procurement, critical timings and way to improve on these and supplier engagement and feed.

Who should attend?

Do you? :-

  • Do you specify goods or services?
  • Do business with Public sector clients?
  • Manage procurement or related activities?
  • Spend the company’s money with suppliers?
  • Manage projects which involve procurement in a Public Sector organisation?

If you answer yes to ANY of these then you need to attend this course!

Designed to give you information and tools knowledge to help you improve your understanding and application of the rules and reducing risk for your business.

Key Areas Covered

  • The EU Procurement directive and UK Procurement Regulations.
  • Selecting the most appropriate route to market.
  • CCS and frameworks.
  • Planning and Timescales.
  • RFI/RFQ.
  • Selection Criteria.
  • The Tender process.
  • Communication with suppliers.
  • Tender Evaluation.
  • Tender Feedback.
  • Awarding the Contract,
  • Rights of Challenge.
  • The risk of non-compliance.

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