sustainable procurement training course in business and procurement

sustainable procurement


This is a one-day course covering Sustainable Procurement.

Course overview and learning objectives

Sustainable procurement is increasingly becoming a key driver in the procurement decision-making process. Businesses are embracing their Corporate Social Responsibility and looking to it not as a differentiator but as the new norm.

Who should attend?

Are you:

  • A procurement professional wanting to update/refresh your skills?
  • A stakeholder?
  • A specification writer?
  • A tender evaluation team member?

If you answer yes to ANY of these then you need to attend this course, designed to give you some key information and tools to help you improve your understanding of sustainable procurement, increase your knowledge, enable you to add value to the procurement process, reduce your risk exposure and increase your sustainability profile.

Key Areas Covered

  • What is sustainable procurement?
  • Why do we bother?
  • CSR
  • The cost of compliance
  • The cost of non-compliance
  • Old world vs new world
  • Raising the bar
  • Recent cases

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