Presentation skills course

presentation skills


We offer both a one and two day  course, the latter being at a slower pace and more in depth.

Course overview and learning objectives

To help you learn to relax and enjoy, yes ENJOY! giving presentations!

The whole point of the day is to help you realise how good you already are and to give you the confidence to continually improve and to develop your presentation skills.

Who should attend?

Do you? :

  • Get that horrible knotted feeling in your stomach when it’s your turn to speak?
  • Get a dry mouth when you have to participate in public speaking?
  • Dread speaking in a team meeting?
  • Want to be able to speak in front of your team/work colleagues?
  • Want to be able to enjoy presenting?

If you answer yes to ANY of these then you need to attend this course!

Designed to give you confidence and some tools to help you get over your fear of presenting or to be a better presenter.

Key Areas Covered

  • Is it just me?
  • Smile it’s fun
  • Delivery styles
  • Delivery Techniques
  • Presentation Styles
  • Practice makes perfect

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